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Blow dry your hair thoroughly dry and blow dry it straight.  This makes it quicker and easier to fit the extensions during installation.
Don't apply any styling products afterwards on your hair.
Cutting Your Hair:
Do not cut your hair after your consultation appointment with us.  We worked on your hair length and style to create a natural look with the hair extensions.  That's how we determined the amount of strands that you need.  If you cut your hair, your amount of strands that we discussed in the consultation appointment might be too little and your hair might not look natural after installation.
Virgin Indian & Chinese Hair
100% Pure Human Indian & Chinese Hair
Not Mixed With Any Synthetics, Mono Fibres or Thermo Fibres
Hair Wont Go Dull, Loose It's Shine After A Few Washes or Tangle
Hair Quality Will Last You Up To A Year If You Maintain It Well
End Results Will Look Full & Natural
Available In Different Hair Textures: Straight, Natural Curl, Natural Wave, Tight Curl
Hair Colour Matches Your Hair Colour Before Installation

How long does extensions last?
This is dependent on how you take care of the extensions, as it does not get the needed nutrition  from your scalp you need to use a shampoo and conditioner with a ph level no higher than ph7.
  What types of Fitting Methods are there for extensions?
  Micro Rings
  Micro Links
  Melt In
Does hair extensions applied with micro rings hurt your scalp?
"        For the first three days your scalp will be slightly sensitive to the extensions, there after it will feel an extension of your natural hair.
What lengths of hair extensions are available?
"        20cm; 30cm; 35cm; 40cm; 45cm; 50cm; 55cm; 60cm; 65cm.
"        Our current stock includes in the sizes of 30cm; 40cm and 50cm
How do I determine the correct colour for my hair?
"        Lumistyle  provides colour rings which can be used to perfectly match your hair colour.
How do I determine which hair extensions are real or synthetic?
"        Synthetic hair cannot be coloured and will not style as real hair does, synthetic hair will tangle and has the same texture as a dolls hair.
How long after installation do I have to do maintenance?
"        Preferably after a month depending on how fast your own hair grows out.
Can I style my extensions?
"        With LumiStyle Extensions you will be able to style hair as normal, it curls perfectly and blow waves like your own hair does.
Can I colour my Extensions?
"        Yes you can colour your hair extensions if it is real hair, synthetic hair will not colour. Preferably you should buy the colour that matches your own hair.
How do I cut or blend my extensions with my natural hair?
"        With a razor blade and not with scissors because of it being extensions that are attached to your own hair some strands may grow faster than the others and it will leave you with strands longer at the bottom than the other.
Can I wear my hair in a pony tail?
"        Yes you can if your hair extensions are installed approximately 2cm from your hair line on the sides and in the back at your neck.
How do I determine if the bonds are high quality?
"        At Illustrious we only supply the highest quality bonding and re-bonding that cannot be bent with your finger tips. The high quality bonds also do not allow loose hairs to come out of the bonding.
How long does it take for installation?
"        Depending on the amount that you want to put in. Full head can take up to 3hours.
Do hair extensions damage my own hair?
"        Not with the Micro ring method.
Will the extensions look natural?
"        If it is 100% human hair extensions yes.
Will I be able to wash my hair as normal?
"        Do not scrub hair when shampooing or conditioning. Condition and detangle the hair from mid-strand to the ends. Avoid the scalp area. Wrap hair with a towel to dry, do not rub hair with the towel.

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Hair extension colour chart
Hair extension colour chart
Hair extension colour chart
Hair extension colour chart
Hair extension colour chart
Hair extension colour chart
Hair extension colour chart
Hair extension colour chart
Hair extension colour chart
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