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Does hair extensions applied with micro rings hurt your scalp?
For the first three days your scalp will be slightly sensitive to the extensions, there after it will feel an extension of your natural hair.
What lengths of hair extensions are available?
20cm; 30cm; 35cm; 40cm; 45cm; 50cm; 55cm; 60cm; 65cm.
Our current stock includes in the sizes of 30cm; 40cm and 50cm
How do I determine the correct colour for my hair?
Lumistyle  provides colour rings which can be used to perfectly match your hair colour.
How do I determine which hair extensions are real or synthetic?
Synthetic hair cannot be coloured and will not style as real hair does, synthetic hair will tangle and has the same texture as a dolls hair.
How long after installation do I have to do maintenance?
Preferably after a month depending on how fast your own hair grows out.
Can I style my extensions?
With LumiStyle Extensions you will be able to style hair as normal, it curls perfectly and blow waves like your own hair does.
Can I colour my Extensions?
Yes you can colour your hair extensions if it is real hair, synthetic hair will not colour. Preferably you should buy the colour that matches your own hair.
How do I cut or blend my extensions with my natural hair?
With a razor blade and not with scissors because of it being extensions that are attached to your own hair some strands may grow faster than the others and it will leave you with strands longer at the bottom than the other.
Can I wear my hair in a pony tail?
Yes you can if your hair extensions are installed approximately 2cm from your hair line on the sides and in the back at your neck.
How do I determine if the bonds are high quality?
At Illustrious we only supply the highest quality bonding and re-bonding that cannot be bent with your finger tips. The high quality bonds also do not allow loose hairs to come out of the bonding.
How long does it take for installation?
Depending on the amount that you want to put in. Full head can take up to 3hours.
Do hair extensions damage my own hair?
Not with the Micro ring method.
Will the extensions look natural?
If it is 100% human hair extensions yes.
Will I be able to wash my hair as normal?
Do not scrub hair when shampooing or conditioning. Condition and detangle the hair from mid-strand to the ends. Avoid the scalp area. Wrap hair with a towel to dry, do not rub hair with the towel.

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Everyone loves having beautiful hair. However, not all of us are lucky enough to have lovely and silky rich hair without spending unbelievably large amounts of money in the process. For many, hair extensions have been the answer to their "please give me beautiful hair" prayers. Yet, what most people don't realize is the getting hair extensions is the easy part. The hard part or the more straining bit starts when you have to actually take care of the extensions. And yes, contrary to popular belief one does have to take care of your extensions once you get them. With a little effort and dedication, taking care of your hair extensions can be as easy or as difficult as taking care of your original hair. It all depends on how committed you are.
Most women who get hair extensions either don't have the patience to take care of their original hair or don't know how. This is probably the reason why they get hair extensions in the first place, because their long hair tends to look unruly instead of lovely. Just like in the case of real hair, extensions also need to be cared for long term sustenance. After all, getting hair extensions is no cheap or inexpensive move, major money is involved. To get the most for your money with your extensions, there are a few simple rules that one should follow.
First, wash your hair every 2-3 days wash your hair by standing in the shower do not was your hair forward over the bath or basin. It is important that one does not wash extensions everyday because it can loosen or wear off the bonds. Blow dry  your bonds and extensions after each wash. Another point is that it is important to condition or moisturize your hair after every wash, do not put conditioner on bonds only mid ends to ends, because unlike our natural oils that released through our scalp, extensions have no way of getting conditioned. If you fail to condition, your extensions are in danger of getting ragged and brittle and will eventually split. Also, because of the nature of hair extensions, one has to make more effort to wash between the weave and the braids or bonds. Rinse your hair well to get all the shampoo and conditioner off the hair.
Second, while brushing your hair, make sure to be extra gentle and use a hair extension brush. More often, we take our hair for granted and brush our hair roughly, almost to the point of yanking out the strands. However, with hair extensions, you're not only in risk of yanking out hair extensions, but also your natural hair. One has to be even more careful with hair extensions. You can't hold any one responsible if you work roughly with your hair if you pull out some extensions it is your own fault no one is to blame. In other words you should work gentle with the hair extensions. Brush from the bottom up in a downward motion and  take time be gentle and be patient.
On an average, our natural hair grows about 2cm to 4 cm over 2 months. The bonds will get tangled with new growing hair. You must undo any tangling with your fingers, This is also usually the time when you will pay your hair stylist or extension artist a visit and have the strands loosen from the new growing hair and to check for damage.   

After 3-4 months it depends how fast your hair grow pay your hair stylist or extension artist a visit and have the strands taken out, the stylist then rebond the hair extensions and will make an appointment for you to put the extensions back this will cost you R___ per strand. This must be done every 3-4 months. If you look after your hair extensions it could last for years to come it all depends on the way you handle your hair.
In case you want to perm, re bond or colour your hair, this should be done by your stylist instead of doing it yourself. In the same way, retouching for the same should also be dealt with in the same manner, with a stylist. You can't hold the stylist responsibly for damage done by yourself at home or at another stylist.
At the end of the day, taking care of your extensions is just like taking care of your actual hair. A few tips to prevent quick wearing away of the extensions also means investing time as much as money. Blow dry extensions and bonds after each wash, tie your hair or braid your hair before going to bed, be gentle and take your time. Small things like never sleeping with wet hair, or tying your hair up when sleeping or exercising will make all the difference.
We recommend the following shampoos and conditioners that you could use on these specific hair extensions.
"        Icon Milano Amino care complex moisture shampoo & conditioner.
"        Tresemme Salon Silk for extra dry, frizz prone hair shampoo & conditioner.
"        Palmolive classic apple shampoo and Tresemme Salon Silk for extra dry, frizz prone hair conditioner.
"        Palmolive Egg Shampoo & Conditioner.

Get a silk serum to put on the points of hair extensions to protect your hair extensions.
Ask your stylist to give your hair extensions a treatment every one or two months as your extensions will get dry of water, sun and other hair equipment.
How to take care of hair extensions?
Looking after the hair extensions is very important in order to increase the life of them.
Human hair extensions will not require washing as often as our own hair, wash only when they start to look dull and lifeless.

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Our quality hair extensions off all kinds are available for you in Keratin strands, Micro rings , Clip-ins and Bulk raw hair all available at amazing  prices.
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